Battery Storage

Battery Storage Solutions

Battery Solutions – Retrofit to existing Solar PV or Completetly new system’s available

ICE  Solar provide a range of comprehensive Installed Energy Storage solutions. Energy can be your single largest cost, we help you save and earn.

Our Battery Storage systems include the option of LG Chem, BYD, SolaX, PylonTech, to name a few.

We offer our clients the inclusion of tailored systems.

These include:-

  • LG Chem
  • BYD
  • Solax
  • Pylon Tech

Unlike our competitors we do not use a single manufacturer, we can install a bespoke system that suits you and you’re needs.

Retro -fit to existing Solar PV or as part of a new complete Solar and Battery Storage System for Home or Business. We also provide various software solutions of which once installed is owned by you the customer not us.

At ICE Solar we believe saving you money should not cost the earth.



Energy Reduction




 Power factor correction

ICE Electrical & Solar are specialists in Power Factor Correction, Power Factor Correction Equipment Maintenance and the Repair of Power Factor Correction Equipment. We use our unique industry experience to help us develop a solution to your specific application.

We Manufacture Power Factor Correction Equipment, we Repair Power Factor Correction Equipment and we Service your existing Power Factor Correction Equipment which could have been supplied by any manufacturer. Our Fully Equipped Service Engineers are available anywhere, at anytime throughout South Wales. Our Service Vehicles are fully stocked and carry all the latest equipment to carry out the task first time, every time. This could be a simple Contactor Renewal or Multi Unit Installation.

Whatever your Power Factor Correction Requirement ICE will have the SOLUTION, this can be anything from simple request for Advice or Small Component Failure to a Multi Transformer Site of many Low Voltage Substations.

Our Customers range from OEM Switchgear Manufacturers, Hospitals, Small Factories, Wind Farms to Multi National Corporations.

Not only can working with ICE Solar PV & Electrical services save you money, but we can help you optimize your power and energy usage.

ICE Solar has the engineering capability, the service support and the products needed to ensure that your power system is operating reliably and in an efficient manner. In addition, we will help you avoid paying additional charges to the power company in the form of Reactive Power charges and excess Kilowatt Hours because you are deemed to be using power in an inefficient manner, below 0.95.




 Low energy lighting


Lighting plays a huge role in Energy Consumption. You can reduce this cost by ensuring you have the right light level with the most efficient way of lighting your work place.

From LED lighting to cost effective T5 Florescant fittings we can help and advise on the right solution for you.  With experience handling over 20 Carbon Trust projects we are able to advise on finance solutions to get the best return on your Investment.

Lighting accounts for up to 60% of your building costs. Take control of your costs and the work environment to ensure you have the right light levels.

Low energy lighting
Approved Safe Contractor, Approved Installer, Electrical Safety Register and Renewable Energy Assurance Listed