Country Wide Ground Maintenance 22.5kw Solar Array

Project description

Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) technology

ICE Solar completed the Countrywide carbon reduction road map with the installation of Solar PV technology in May 2014. We installed a 22.5Kw array to the roof of their offices in Baglan Energy Park, Neath Swansea to harness the sun’s energy.The system will supply all their electricity requirements, Countrywide have now replaced there petrol Leaf Blowers, Strimmer’s and hedge cutter’s with state of the art battery powered equipment , greatly reducing the need for fossil fuels to carry out their maintenance contracts.

The system generates Country Wide in excess of 22,000KWh of energy per year, with a financial benefit in excess of £5500 per annum

Project details


Country Wide


May 2014


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