Plot 2, Central Square, Cardiff – Solar PV system – 33Kw High Rise

Project description

ICE Solar were tasked to design this system for Evans Electrical/McCann Partnership, we had to account for the height of the building (10 storey), high wind speeds (due to proximity to the coast) and lack of space to fit 33KW of panels.

The Solution – The frame has been designed primarily for mounting the Solar PV array, with an allowance for mechanical pipework to run underneath, a concrete plinth was needed to be poured for this system to work.

The concrete plinth acts as a ballast for the PV array, which is fixed directly to the slab. The mounting system is Renusol Trisole+ at 30-degree inclination.

Panels are LG Neon X 330 watt all black monocrystalline.

Inverter is ABB 33KW IP66 rated, with built in string fuse protection and DC surge protection.

Due to the complex solution, the difficulty of install, but perhaps most importantly the final finished product, this installation has been visited by engineers as a point of reference for Solar Pv Installations of this type.

Project details


Evans Electrical/McCann Partnership