Investing in your Energy Future 

We design, install, repair and maintain Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panel systems across South Wales and South West of England. Our team have completed hundreds Solar Panel installations. We offer quality work at cost effective prices. With close links to Newport, Cardiff and Bristol we cover all these areas. As we are based in Risca we are centrally located to all areas of Caerphilly, Blackwood, Torfaen, Abergavenny, Monmouth and all the Gwent Valleys. We can install your system in 1 day with minimal disruption to you the Customer.

Our commercial background means that we are able to offer both Commercial Solar, Agricultural Solar Farms & Domestic Solar PV Systems.

Our sales and specification team will advise on how you can make the most of Feed In tariff opportunity and on Solar panel quality and costs. For example a simple 4KW domestic Solar system can produce quarterly cheques for £100 total per year and save you £400 on your electricity bill.

We recognise this is an Investment in your Energy Future and work with you to help you make the best decision.

Solar panels, Inverters and mounting system all make for a detailed technical consideration. We will help you through this process and offer advice regarding the installation of your Solar Panel Project.  We will give you accurate projections of Energy Savings and Feed In Tariff returns.

We offer the following;

  • Agricultural & Farm Solar Panel Projects
  • Domestic Solar Panel Projects
  • Commercial Solar Panel Projects
  • Public Sector Solar Panel Projects
ICE Energy Solutions - Solar PV
Solar Panel Installation
Operations & Maintenance

Solar PV systems are very reliable – so reliable in fact, that it makes sense to have a solar panel maintenance contract.

In the business of your day to day affairs, you may just forget that they are generating free electricity.  Although solar panels don’t need a lot of maintenance they do need some – to make sure that they are generating at their maximum efficiency.

Your PV system may get by without inspection or maintenance, but your investment will be more likely to live up to expectations if it is regularly inspected. ICE Solar offer a full inspection and testing services, ranging from a visual inspection by our trained installers to electrical tests of the circuits. Such maintenance will identify under performance issues as well as significant equipment failures. If required, ICE can then recommend and implement a solution.

Every system has different requirements, but here is an example of the services we offer:

  • Annual cleaning to keep effiencies maximised, especially where bird soiling or atmospheric pollution has degraded the surface of the panel.
  • Visual inspection of all panels
  • Photovoltaic module string tests
  • Inverter system checks
  • Junction box, isolator, distribution board and cabling inspection
  • Meter check
  • Labelling/schematic check
  • Energy production analysis
  • Voltage and current check
  • Production of maintenance report
  • Roof condition alert
  • Replacement and repair of faulty items

Maintenance of a commercial solar panel system can start from as little as £350 per year.



Commercial & Agricultural Solar Panels

Take control of your Business Costs and earn money from your roof space.

You can ensure you are Energy Efficient, Investing in Renewable Technology and making a shrewd business Investment.

With 20 year finance options available and a 20 year Government backed contract you can be Cash positive throughout the whole project.   Reduce your bills significantly and earn money whilst the sun shines.

We are G59 approved and have over 20 years experience in a commercial environment.  If you want Cost Effective good quality Commercial Solar PV Project, please contact us.

A commercial Solar PV Project will demonstrate your commitment to sustainable business practices to your, customers, suppliers and competitors.


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